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Tips for Preparing for a Winter Session!

We all know a handful of people who live for those hot summer days but some of us truly love the magic of snow days more! Christmas Tree Farm Sessions have become very popular and even though it's cold AF outside people LOVE the magical vibe winter brings. Those overcast days provide awesome lighting and the trees make for the perfect backdrop. So how do you prepare for a session, outside, in the cold with your little ones?! Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Did I mention It's cold AF outside?! Don't be scared to dress in layers! How adorable are these pink jackets? These girls look fabulous and more importantly warm. Long sleeves, sweaters, vests, jackets and scarves! Wear some or wear it all just make sure you are comfortable and prepared for 40 degree weather.

2. Colors, colors, colors! Choosing what to wear for your session can be difficult. Choose 2 or 3 colors to incorporate and stick to one person wearing print/pattern. Sade chose red and ivory for her family paired with jeans and let me tellll youuuu!! They looked great! Her son wore the top with a pattern, their outfits flowed together and those reds stand out perfectly!

On the other hand, if done correctly more than one person can wear a print/pattern and still look fab.

3. Be prepared to move! Geer Tree Farm in Jewett City, Connecticut is one of my favorite locations for family photos. There is plenty of open space so dad can give his son piggy back rides and dance around. Moving around will keep you warm and allow me to capture those natural smiles!

4. Bring some extras with you! Blankets are a great way to help you stay warm and still make for great photos. Some photographers provide props but it's great to check in with yours to see what they have and what you might want to bring.

5. Be flexible! You may have a date scheduled for you photo session but when that date arrives it's possible you may need to reschedule due to inclement weather. Connect with your photographer a few days before your session if they have not contacted you to make sure you both keep an eye on the forecast.

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